The wonderful world of College Football

College Football is awesome, but it's also insanely fucked up. It's essentially the only league in the world that runs so similarly to a professional sports league, yet cannot pay it's players due to academic scholarships. I could go on for days about the ethics of all of that, but that might be what makes College Football even more intriguing to me. It adds a whole other layer of depth to it's disposition. I always love a good story, and College Football consistently brings fascinating ethical and moral discussions to the table. 

Here's a perfect story about players taking out insurance policies, just in case they have a career ending injury. I've noticed this becoming a much more popular tactic now amongst those who are on the cusp of going pro, but still have a year or two left in college. 

Let's have a beer and talk college football. You don't even have to be a sports fan to be interested in the inside-out way things are run. 

Click the image to go to the link on the story. 

Click the image to go to the link on the story.