Vox | Aretha Franklin's Musical Genius in 2 Songs

Aretha Franklin died this past year and it broke my heart. Her voice is effortless and her legacy is timeless. I was lucky enough to see her in the Spring of 2017. I bought those tickets figuring I needed to see her before she either (A) lost her voice, (B) got too old/sick to perform or (C) died.

Unfortunately for humanity, it was (C). In a weird way though, no concert tickets I’ve ever purchased felt more justified than these after she passed.

Vox put together this absolutely brilliant 10-minute video disecting her voice. It’s absolutely worth a watch.

Rest in Soul Aretha.

Puma Blue - Want Me

I've got a soft spot for good lyrics. This is an example of that:

"You floor me with that style, and if I had a choice

I wouldn't slip up every time that I hear your voice

And though it doesn't work, I try desperately

To become this great ugly root to a perfect tree"


Boy... when storytelling and brand integration form the perfect mix... you really get something great. Absolutely LOVE this spot from the North Face. Check it out...

And a driveeeeeee!!!!!

Mike 'Doc' Emirck called New Jersey Devils hockey games pretty much my whole life until he took a more prestigious role as essentially "the voice of the NHL." I remember his calls fondly (more specifically "HENRIQUE.... IT'S OVER!!!!"). What I love about this (slightly older) piece by Real Sports on HBO is that it focuses on his use of language when calling games. It's that knowledge and vernacular that make watching hockey games that much more exciting. I've hated this trend of bringing in retired or washed up athletes to call games. There are some people out there who have a natural talent calling games. Doc is one of them. 

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kocedBmTb...

Ken Burns on Divisiveness

I'll admit... I could probably listen to Ken Burns talk about anything all day long. I really enjoyed this interview with Ken promoting his new documentary "The Vietnam War" and how it relates to today's climate. My favorite quote that he shares by Mark Twain is that "history doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes." Boy is that true today. 


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPyBjFircW...

RIP Charles Bradly

This guts me. Charles... you sir are an absolute inspiration to me. I was lucky enough to catch you live twice. During one of the performances... you admitted that you had lost your mother earlier that morning, but that you knew how proud it would make her to give an incredible performance that night. It moved me in such a way that's still hard to describe. 

You found success later in your life, but I'll bet to those you were close with you were always a star. Here's to a man that's given me the inspiration to keep pushing forward, knowing that "success" comes in it's own time. I just have to keep being me. 

Thank you for everything sir. You will be missed. 

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi49yirJiE...


It will never cease to amaze me how sometimes you can physically feel the words. 


What is this? I don’t recognise this
Pain broke in
And took it all
Took the song from the Springtime
And the dance from the flame
Took the noonday warmth
And the morning hush

Now the ground’s spilling beneath me
The ropes are uncoiling
The trees are leafless
The sky is torn
My breath’s a broken feather
There’s no beauty left
There’s nothing here for me I’m paper thin
I’m in a room of shadows and it’s caving in
I’m turning in circles
I’m giving up
The world is giddy
The sense is gone
The floor is an ocean
I’m sinking in

Where are You now?
Where is Your touch?
Where is the reason?
The answer?
The end?
Now I’m chasing Your shadow
And I’m grasping for questions
I’m calling out
I’m asking why?

Yet when I turn You turn
When I reach You reach
And in the searing burn
You wait for me
Dress my tears in kisses
Cradle my grief
Touch me in the silence
Hold me in the heat
And when the ragings rush
Drown me in defeat
I make my bed of dust
And you lie with me

Words - Sh'maya
Design/Animation - Tyler Morgan, Sarah Beth Hulver
Music - Ryan Taubert
Sound Design - Defacto Sound
Producer - Dan Stevers


Absolutely on point....

"Pull me in your shopping cart, then put me back and break my heart"